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Mystic Studios had its humble beginning in 2000. When its founder Sashido returned to Fiji from USA. Where he learnt Computer Engineering/ Data Recovery and more of Designing and Animations together with Marketing Strategies.


He then registered the company in Fiji, at that time it was known as Mystic Computers & Art Studio.

In the background the founder had undergone massive research, acquisition, implementation and development of all aspects of Designing, Motion graphics, Animations and Visual Affects. The company, while still in operation went silent and continued to progress in terms of experience.


In March 2013, the founder dissolved Mystic Computers and re-registered the new named company as: Mystic Studios & Vinayak Productions, with the company descriptions registered as : Film/ Movies/ TV Commercial Production, Modeling Studio, Multimedia production, Graphic Artists, Photography, Data Recovery Experts, Computer Engineers.


Since then the company has undergone major reformations and progression. And currently it is now Fiji’s one of the best and most innovative company in Any type of Designing, Visual Effects, Animations, Multimedia Productions, etc.


Sashido has 25years of experience in all sectors of Design industry. And the company is ready for any type of design projects in all capacities. It can also develop effective marketing strategies to suit the client’s profitability, impression and quality.

Apart from being a graphic artist Sashido is also a very experienced and a senior Martial Arts Instructor. He has been instructing for last 30 years. Yet he has been practising martial arts for last 45years. That makes him the longest martial arts practioner in Fiji. He is still actively teaching martial arts. His experience includes: Aikido, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kendo and Weaponry. he has also registered Martial Arts Academy of Fiji to help and promote martial arts in Fiji.

Then he is also a Scientific person with a passion in Space Science or Astronomy. He is currently in the process of setting up a Space Center in Fiji in affiliation with NASA/NOAA/ISRO/USGS/SETI institutions. The Space Center will be one of its kind in the South Pacific with a vast wealth of knowledge for students and an awesome family outing for everyone. 

With Kailash Developments, we are currently working on a project to build a 6 Star Wellness Center and Holistic Spa in the highlands of Lautoka. It will be a US40 million dollar project. The project in its initial stages is being voted as one of the most exotic and rejuvenating places on earth. It will be located at a height of 2,200ft above sea level.


Sashido Ariyan

Director/Chief VFX & Graphic Artist/Producer/Instructor/Chief Scientific Officer

Mob: +679 9295004

Email: sashido@hotmail.com or mysticstudiosfiji@gmail.com


The following are the types of work we do:

•Film Production *Multimedia Production

•Design Studio *Graphic Artists

*Magazines/Corporate Reports

•Website Designing

•Special Effects *Visual Effects *Motion Graphics

•3D: Animations / Logos / Presentations

•Character Modeling & Animations

•TV & Cinema Advertising *Modeling Studio

•Video Filming *Video Editing *Corporate Project Themes

•Digital Photography *Photo Effects

*Video Filming/Production

*Fabric Designs: Sublimation, Uniforms, etc

•Large Format Design & Printing (Billboards, Banners, etc)

•Stunt Teams *Sound Production *Etc.

We are a company with unlimited imagination, creativity and dreams.

We are always innovating new ideas and creativity give our clients a new age digital advertising experience.

We are ready to provide solutions to companies for new business ventures.

Let us do the next Commercial/Design/Production for your company.